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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- When do you deliver to my area?
A- New Jersey deliveries for Bergen, Burlington, Camden (select areas), Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset & Union Counties, New York deliveries for Staten Island, as well as Pennsylvania deliveries are made SUNDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY. (orders must be placed by 11:59PM the night prior to your preferred delivery day)

New York deliveries and New Jersey deliveries for Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean (select areas), Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union & Warren Counties are made MONDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY.
(orders must be placed by 11:59PM the night prior to your preferred delivery day)

Q- I can't check out! Help!
A- If you're not seeing delivery options populate at the end of checkout, its because you don't have your profile completely filled out. You MUST create a profile on the website if you want your order to go through. Go to bottom of page and under my account click 'My Profile' and make sure you have name, email, phone and address.

Q- Why can't I select a delivery option?
A- If you do not have the 5 meal minimum for delivery in your cart, you will not be able to complete your checkout. Add a few meals and watch the magic happen.

Q- Do you deliver outside of the Tri-State Area? Say, Texas? Michigan? Canada?
A- We currently service most areas of New Jersey, Metropolitan NYC & select areas of Eastern Pennsylvania. Please sign up for our email list to receive updates on expansions!

Q- How long does the food stay fresh?
A- Meals are fresh FOUR days in the refrigerator, and UP TO one month in the freezer.

Q- Can I pay cash on delivery?
A- Our drivers deliver hundreds of meals on delivery days. For their safety and sanity, cash is not permitted as delivery payment.

Q- HELP! How do I heat this stuff up?
A- Throw that bad boy in the microwave, 2-3 minutes with the top on OR remove your meal from the plastic container and cook in the oven at 350° for ten minutes.

Q- Can I track my delivery?
A- Your driver will text you when he or she leaves our facility, and again when they are about 20 minutes away. If a text back is delayed, don't panic. They are driving vans full of precious cargo and can't always make it to the phone. We haven't forgotten you.

Q- I live in New York - how does the food stay fresh during delivery routes?
A- All deliveries are kept cold in a refrigerated van to ensure the highest level of food safety.

Q- I have a SEVERE lactose, nut, and wheat allergy. Will I survive if I place an order?
A- As always, we recommend using your best judgement. Allergens are listed on our menu, but our meals ARE prepared on shared equipment. If the thought of lactose makes your stomach turn, please use your personal experience and discretion. The majority of our meals are gluten free.

Q- Do I need to be home when the food is dropped off?
A- Nope. If you will not be home, just leave instructions for your driver in the comments section when you check out. Remember to leave your cooler bag out. Either select that you need a cooler bag at checkout or leave a delivery comment that you have previously purchased one.

Q- The date I want my meal is no longer available. Can I still place my order?
A- Our greatest priority is quality control. Last minute orders can mess with our cooking production, meaning people who ordered on time may suffer unintentionally. We kindly ask that you place your orders before the deadline. There are also days that aren't available for anyone. Our Holiday Schedule is below:

2019 Holiday Schedule
We Will Be Closed  
Easter April 21st
Thanksgiving November 28nd
Christmas Break December 24th -
December 31st

FAQs about The Max Challenge

Q- Why no dairy?
A- As you go food shopping for the compliant foods on our list, you will find very few foods that come in a box, can, etc. We ask you to eliminate processed foods altogether. The dairy choices people most commonly want to eat are yogurt, cheese, and milk. Those items go through significant amounts of processing like pasteurization, homogenization, etc. before they make it to the grocery store shelf. Avoid dairy for the duration of this plan.

Q- Can I use condiments?
A- Treat all condiments as compliant IF used in light moderation. You should always attempt to use a dry spice before a condiment like ketchup, mustard, etc.

Q- How do I measure food choices?
A- We have already done this to make it easier for you to schedule your nutrition intake. Each meal has either a full or half portion size of a particular food group indicated in the description.

Q- Why so much food?
A- Each stage of our nutrition plan has a focus on a different aspect. This initial stage is all about your metabolism and overall eating habits. We encourage you to break down your meals into five small meals per day and to increase the amount of digestion your body is doing in order to speed up your metabolism.

Q- How should I handle a late-night craving?
A- First, try to drink a tall glass of water and wait a few minutes for your appetite to catch up. If the hunger craving persists and you've finished your food for the day, the best category to overeat is protein. While it is not recommended to overeat any category, protein will be the most harmless. A hardboiled egg (minus the yolk) or a single-scoop protein shake would be good choices to cut the craving.

Q- Is it bad to eat late at night?
A- It is worse to skip food than to eat it late. Ideally, you want to avoid eating carbs within the last three hours of being awake; all other foods are fine. Never skip a meal/serving based on the time. Timing is secondary to getting it all in.

Q- What do I do if I find myself extremely hungry?
A- If you find yourself hungry, especially at night, you should first try hydrating yourself with water. The next option to choose from would be veggies. If you still find yourself hungry, it is not recommended, but it would be best to have a half of a protein serving.




Additional nutritional information available upon request.

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