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Our greatest goal has always been to help you transform your life through fitness and nutrition. There is a great deal of dedication that goes into making a personal change of this magnitude and we are committed to bringing you every resource possible to help you along this journey. While we have always advocated for personal meal preparation, we understand that approach is not always possible for our members with so many different demands on their time.

So, we searched for an answer and are excited to introduce The Max Challenge Meals. We have formed a partnership to have a team of chefs create a line of professionally prepared meals, using the best quality ingredients, straight to your door ENTIRELY MAX COMPLIANT. No guess work, no label reading, no preparation, just amazing food to keep you on track. The best part? Each meal has already been measured for portion size so you can easily plan your week no matter which phase you are on.


Bryan Klein
Founder & CEO, THE MAX Challenge

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